Giorgio Arcuri was born in 1982 in Rome, Italy. He has always loved art - music, visual art, photography, acting - anything that is connected with feelings, emotions and culture.

With his works he is able to catch reality through so many details.

You can feel the moment stuck in a piece of paper. You imagine what is about to happen.

You can feel his passion and his sensitivity: he's able to catch the soul of the subject.

He creates works and portraits on commission using different styles from black and white to mixed media, using pencil, ink, markers, acrylic colors and brushes.

For more info visit the "contact" page. feel free to contact him about commissions, portraits, works, tattoos, wall paintings and any collaboration ideas or inquiries

twitter: GiorgioArcuri

instagram: @giorgioarcuriart

facebook: GiorgioArcuriArt


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